Compliance Team

Dean McQuiddy, CFA

Co-Founding Principal, CCO, CIO
Director of Equity
Start of Sawgrass Career: 1998

Mr. McQuiddy is a Principal of Sawgrass and serves as CCO and CIO. Mr. McQuiddy directs the firm’s equity management and research efforts and is the lead portfolio manager for the Diversified Small Growth equity product. He serves on several of the firm’s committees, including equity research, management and strategic planning.

Prior to Sawgrass, he spent 15 years with Barnett Capital Advisors, Inc., solely responsible for creating the firm’s small growth product in January of 1987.

His educational accomplishments include a B.S. in Finance from the University of Florida and earning the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation from The CFA Institute (formerly AIMR), of which he is also a member.


Matthew Murray, IACCP©

Compliance Officer
Start of Sawgrass Career: 2015

Mr. Murray is a Compliance Officer at Sawgrass, responsible for coordinating with the Chief Compliance Officer to assure the firm remains compliant with applicable regulations and industry best practices, and to help build and maintain the company’s culture of compliance.

Prior to joining Sawgrass, he spent time in regulations licensing and investment support at Fidelity Investments, as well as regulatory supervision at Merrill Lynch.

His educational accomplishments include a B.S. in Food and Resource Economics and a Masters of Agribusiness from The University of Florida.