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Our firm provides active growth equity and fixed income investment management services to institutional investors, and our products include large and small cap growth equity portfolios as well as core, intermediate and short-term fixed income portfolios.


Sawgrass Asset Management is a 100% employee-owned firm. As owners of the firm, our clients have an investment team that has a vested interest in their long-term success.

The stability of our firm structure allows us to attract and retain talented and experienced investment professionals for our clients.


The majority of our investment staff has worked together since the inception of the firm in 1998. We believe team continuity brings long-term experience into all aspects of our investment decisions.

Our clients receive an investment process from a group of professionals who average 25 years of experience.


Our clients receive a consistent and repeatable investment approach in their equity and fixed income investments with Sawgrass.

By applying an investment process that is structured and disciplined in its application, our clients understand exactly how we expect to perform in various markets.

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Every morning when we walk in the door, we see our client mirrors, reminding us who we work for. These mirrors have the names of each organization from across the country that trusts us to manage a portfolio for them, including our very first client.

This strong connection to the plans and funds that we work for is shared by each and every Sawgrass professional.

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We are a reliable partner.

Since the firm’s founding on January 15, 1998, our primary focus has been managing institutional and sub-advisory relationships through separate account vehicles. We pride ourselves in being responsive and providing tailored, client-specific reporting to our clients across the United States.

*Data as of 3/31/2021

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