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Speaking Engagements

Our commitment to education is one of the abiding principals that we follow here at Sawgrass Asset Management. Over the past two decades, we have extensively promoted investment education in both the Florida and National Marketplaces and are proud of our continued leadership in the areas of training, certification, conference sponsorships and public speaking forums.

Below you will find some of our recent speaking engagement topics. If you would like Sawgrass to present at your next conference or meeting, please contact us directly.

Presentation Title


Top Guns: Proven Methods for Success from Leading Market Professionals

Brian Monroe
The Economy & Financial Markets: What Now? Andrew Cantor, David A. Furfine, and Chris Greco
Investment Performance & Market Volatility Chris Greco
Small Caps? Now?? Dean McQuiddy
Portfolio Construction Chris Greco
Portfolio Management & the Tools Required David A. Furfine & Chris Greco
Fixed Income as an Asset Class: Why Bother? Andrew Cantor
Evaluating Investment Performance – Beyond Performance Chris Greco
Introduction to Equity Trading: Man vs. Machine Janet Emmick & Tim Christiansen
Strategies for Success in Institutional Asset Management Dean McQuiddy
Is There Life After Large Cap? - Why Size Matters Dean McQuiddy

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