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Q4 2017 Summary

Focused Growth Equity Q4 2017 Summary


Growth Equity Team

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Martin LaPrade, CFA
Partner, Lead Portfolio Manager

Dean McQuiddy, CFA
Principal, Director of Equity Investments

Rusty Creighton, CFA
Growth Equity Portfolio Manager

Patrick Riley, CFA
Partner, Growth Equity Portfolio Manager

Marc Davis, CFA
Growth Equity Portfolio Manager

Anthony Brooks
Equity Research Analyst

Client Service Team

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Brian K. Monroe, Principal
Director of Sales and Marketing

Christopher Greco, Partner
Institutional Marketing and Client Service

Gregory Gosch
Institutional Client Service

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Focused Growth Equity

Investment Premise

We believe that a certain subset of our diversified portfolio could add significant value over various market cycles. To this end, we analyzed concentrated subsets of our existing large cap portfolio for out-performance relative to our existing product and its respective benchmark – the Russell 1000 Growth Index. The best ideas portfolio was equal-weighted, rebalanced quarterly, and contained the fifteen largest active weights from our large cap composite. All of the companies included in the back-test were already part of our existing portfolio and went through our rigorous quantitative and fundamental process at the time they were included in the composite. The back-test results confirmed that there was solid out-performance in the best ideas portfolio versus the benchmark with only a modest increase in overall risk.

Investment Process

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