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"Passion isn't a word you hear often in investment circles. We're measured by cold calculations - basis points and performance at any given moment. But passion is one of Sawgrass' abiding principles. It describes our work, our team, our daily contact with clients. When you step away from the numbers and lean on the faith you have in the team you've hired, you want a team like Sawgrass. That's how passionate we feel about what we do. We love it."
- Marty LaPrade, Partner

"With investing, the pace of change is more rapid today than ever. Industries that didn't exist a few years ago provide the environment for successful companies to grow their earnings quickly. Our investment approach is designed to help identify the factors that consistently contribute to market success and recognize them early in the growth cycle of the companies we invest in."
- Dean McQuiddy, Principal

"Operating as an independent, employee-owned firm gives us flexibility that we could never have as part of a large organization. Today’s investment environment demands flexibility to acquire needed resources, to determine and implement strategy quickly and efficiently, and most importantly, to focus singularly on the interests of our clients."
- Andy Cantor, Principal

"I like what our company stands for – integrity, honesty, hard work and most of all, client driven. Every day provides us an opportunity to renew old relationships as well as create new ones. Clients know we've worked together for years the first time they meet us. We treat every client with a high level of customized service and strive to exceed their investment needs."
- Brian Monroe, Principal


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