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Q4 2017 Summary

Intermediate Fixed Income Q4 2017 Summary


Fixed Income Team

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David Furfine, CFA
Partner, Director of Fixed Income

Andy Cantor, CFA
Principal, Compliance/Investment Advisor

Liridon Gila, CFA
Fixed Income Portfolio Manager

David Siegel, CFA
Fixed Income Portfolio Manager

Client Service Team

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Brian K. Monroe, Principal
Director of Sales and Marketing

Christopher Greco, Partner
Institutional Marketing and Client Service

Gregory Gosch
Institutional Client Service

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Intermediate Fixed Income

Investment Philosophy

Sawgrass Asset Management’s active Intermediate Fixed Income product has applied a disciplined and defined investment philosophy since its inception. This strategy focuses primarily on controlled duration management of investment grade securities and secondarily on strategic sector valuations and specific security analysis. This portfolio has an effective duration that ranges from 3–5 years and an average maturity that ranges from 4–8 years. There currently are no sector constraints. The investable universe consists of U.S. dollar-denominated government, corporate and mortgage-backed securities. The investment approach is managed to the Barclays Capital US Intermediate Government/Corporate Index.

Investment Process

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