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Q4 2017 Summary

Genesis Small Growth Equity Q4 2017 Summary


Growth Equity Team

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Patrick Riley, CFA
Partner, Lead Portfolio Manager

Dean McQuiddy, CFA
Principal, Director of Equity Investments

Martin LaPrade, CFA
Partner, Growth Equity Portfolio Manager

Rusty Creighton, CFA
Growth Equity Portfolio Manager

Marc Davis, CFA
Growth Equity Portfolio Manager

Anthony Brooks
Equity Research Analyst

Client Service Team

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Brian K. Monroe, Principal
Director of Sales and Marketing

Christopher Greco, Partner
Institutional Marketing and Client Service

Gregory Gosch
Institutional Client Service

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Genesis Small Growth Equity

Investment Premise

Sawgrass Genesis Small Growth exploits small cap information inefficiency as well as investor behavior that we believe leads to persistent overvaluation of companies experiencing rapid rates of change at the expense of those with more consistent, less volatile growth. Using our internally developed quantitative models and our experience with risk management techniques, we select leaders from the small cap growth universe to create this portfolio.

Investment Process

The Sawgrass Genesis Small Growth decision process begins with a universe of 1,200 companies with market caps between $300M and $4.5B. Applying Sawgrass’ proprietary, sector-specific, quantitative model results in an investable universe of 200 stocks.

Using a bottom-up approach, we analyze a company’s profitability, business valuation, equity valuation, earnings quality, as well as sales, earnings and margin stability. We favor price patterns that are tight and consolidating or positively trending. The stock(s) with the best mix of quantitative and qualitative data are selected for purchase, resulting in a diversified portfolio of 60-90 stocks. Positions are purchased and weighted with particular consideration given to each stock’s impact on risk factors as well as the overall risk profile of the portfolio.


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