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About Sawgrass Asset Management

Sawgrass Asset Management, L.L.C. is a 100 percent employee-owned, registered investment advisor based in Jacksonville Beach, Florida. We provide active growth equity and fixed income investment management services to institutional investors, and our products include large and small cap growth equity portfolios as well as core, intermediate and short-term fixed income portfolios.

How We Define Success

Sawgrass defines success by our ability to assist our clients in meeting or exceeding their investment goals by the consistent application of a disciplined investment process.

Our Firm Vision

Our firm vision is to operate as an independent investment group, which provides us the flexibility to acquire the resources to serve the needs of our clients. Our entire firm meets every Monday morning to review client, firm and individual goals for that week, so every employee knows exactly what our client service and retention goals are. Once a month, all equity owners meet at a Partner’s meeting to discuss new business, client activity, resources needed, firm goals and profitability. In addition, once a quarter, all partners attend a half-day firm strategic session. These meetings focus on mid and long-term firm initiatives and client service level reviews.

Our Competitive Edge

We believe our 100 percent employee ownership has given us several competitive advantages:

Consistency and Stability – Our ability to stay focused on the institutional marketplace with an investment group that has worked together for more than 20 years. We are proud that we have not experienced any turnover of our investment team since our inception. When we engage in a client relationship, our clients know that their investment manager and team have a vested interest in their success.

Repeatability of Investment Process – We believe our commitment to a disciplined investment process has been a key factor in our performance results. While we, of course, cannot guarantee investment results, we strongly believe that by remaining committed to our investment process, the likelihood of future successful results is enhanced. We continuously evaluate and, when appropriate, implement new technology with the goal of improving our model effectiveness.

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